Visit Jizzakh Region

The Jizzakh Region, located in the west of Uzbekistan, is known for its stunning mountain scenery and rich cultural heritage. It's situated between two major rivers, the Zarafshan and Syr Darya. With its unique architecture, ancient archaeological sites and picturesque landscapes, it's no surprise that Jizzakh is a popular tourist destination.

One of the most interesting tourist attractions in the region is Khiva Fortress -- a UNESCO World Heritage Site where visitors can explore 16th century fortifications and learn about Uzbek history. Other highlights include Poy-Kalon Mosque & Madrassa Complex -- one of the oldest Islamic monuments in Central Asia -- as well as Nurata Nature Reserve with its mountain views and large wildlife population.

Another interesting historical fact about Jizzakh is that it was home to some of Central Asia's earliest printing presses during the 19th century when more than twenty books were published there in various languages including Russian, Persian and Arabic. Whether you're looking to explore history or nature, Jizzakh Region has something for everyone!

Cities in Jizzakh Region

Jizzax, Paxtakor, Dŭstlik, Zomin, Dashtobod, Gagarin