Visit Andalusia

8.4 million

Andalusia is the southernmost region of Spain, located on the Iberian Peninsula. It's a culturally diverse region with a fascinating history and many tourist attractions. It has stunning Mediterranean beaches, charming whitewashed villages, bustling cities and plenty of outdoor activities for visitors to enjoy.

Two must-see sites in Andalusia are Granada's Alhambra Palace and Seville's Royal Alcazar Palace. The Alhambra was built by Moorish kings in the 14th century as a fortress and palace complex, it is now one of Europe's most visited monuments. The Royal Alcazar palace was originally built by Christian rulers but features Islamic-style architecture with lush gardens to explore.

An interesting historical fact about Andalusia is that it was once part of the ancient Roman province called Hispania Baetica. After the fall of Rome it passed through many different civilizations such as Phoenicians, Visigoths, Romans and Moors until finally becoming part of modern day Spain in 1492 following the Reconquista movement.