Discover Tottori

Tottori is a coastal city on the Sea of Japan located in the San'in Region of Japan. This picturesque city is home to an abundance of history and culture, making it a unique travel destination. Its population of around 200,000 people offers plenty to explore with nearby attractions such as sand dunes, traditional shrines and temples, hot springs and natural parks.

At Tottori Sand Dunes visitors can take in beautiful views from the observation tower or ride a camel along the white sands. These dunes are said to be one of Japan's most popular attractions for both locals and tourists alike. The historical sites are also well worth visiting for those looking to soak up some culture during their travels. Choko-ji Temple is an especially noteworthy temple that was built over 300 years ago near Lake Nakaumi and showcases intricate architecture diverse artwork. Lastly, travelers should be sure to experience therapeutic hot spring baths at either Lu Qiao Wen Quan (Midorigaoka Onsen) or Dong Shan Wen Quan (Higashiyama Onsen).