Visit Nagasaki Prefecture

Nagasaki Prefecture is situated on the southwest coast of Kyushu island in Japan. It is known for its natural beauty, and its history as one of the only two cities to experience an atomic bombing during World War II. Nagasaki's population today is more than 1.4 million people, and it has a diverse culture that reflects its role as an important trading port between Japan and China since 1634.

Popular tourist attractions include Glover Garden, where visitors can see Western-style homes from the early 20th century; Dejima Island, an artificial island built by the Dutch in 1636; Oura Catholic Church which was designated a National Treasure because it was constructed without nails; and Mt Inasa which offers spectacular views over Nagasaki City at night.

The city also has many memorials to commemorate those who suffered in the 1945 atomic bombing including Peace Park, Atomic Bomb Museum and Hypocenter Park Memorial Tower. Nagasaki Prefecture also has a rich cultural heritage with numerous festivals throughout the year celebrating everything from firework displays to traditional music performances. An interesting historical fact about Nagasaki Prefecture is that it was home to one of Japan's earliest Christian communities with Christianity having been introduced there by Jesuit missionaries in 1549.

Cities in Nagasaki Prefecture

Hirado, Sato, Nagasaki, Matsuura, Ōmura, Obita, Shimabara, Togitsu, Fukuechō, Isahaya