Discover Arre

Arre is a small city in the northern Italian province of Padova, located within the Veneto region. Known as a quaint and picturesque town, Arre has been around since the 14th century and offers visitors interesting historic sites and charming scenery.

The main attraction in Arre is its large parish church, which was constructed between 1618-1626. Another great sight to visit is the 12th century Castle of Arre, which was once used as defensive fortification against Venice's enemies. Visitors can explore its two towers and underground dungeons while taking in views of the beautiful surrounding countryside.

For those looking for more outdoorsy activities, there are plenty of walking trails to explore outside of Arre's town center. In addition, nearby Lake Ghedina provides numerous opportunities for swimming or boating activities during warmer months. Art lovers should be sure not to miss out on visiting one of Arre's many art galleries showcasing local works from some talented Italian painters and sculptors.