Discover Jeypore

Jeypore is a city located in the state of Odisha, India. It has a population of around 71,000 and it lies in the eastern parts of the country just south of Kalinganagar. Jeypore is well known for its unique culture and traditional tribal customs practiced by many of its inhabitants. Tourists can explore ancient Hindu temples such as Jagannath Temple and Bhimeshwar Temple which showcase beautiful carvings from thousands of years ago.

The city also offers various outdoor activities including trekking trails through lush forests, national parks, caves and hills. Jeypore has some spectacular waterfalls such as Taptapani Waterfall located close to Kodua which cascades down into a lake below for visitors to enjoy stunning views on their travels.

For those who are more interested in shopping there are many handicrafts stalls with items selling at cheap prices due to local competition amongst artisans vying for customers' attention. Visitors can also taste authentic Oriya cuisine at one of the many local eateries or purchase bright traditional clothing made by local tailors too.