Discover Balma

The city of Balma, is situated in the Toulouse region of south-western France. It is a typical French town, with winding cobbled streets, attractive 18th century buildings and a picturesque central square. It has an interesting historic center, with many interesting monuments and churches to explore. Visitors can find several shops and cafes around Balma's main square.

One of the main attractions in the area is La Grande Halle de Balma which was once a 16th century market building but today it houses local events and exhibitions throughout the year. Another popular sightseeing spot is Eglise Saint-Germain dating back to 1784 featuring impressive stone walls and colorful stained glass windows. The nearby Chateau de la Versanne offers stunning views over Toulouse from its hilltop location, as well as beautiful gardens for visitors to explore.

With its medieval heritage, picturesque squares and parks, there are plenty of things to see and do in Balma including cycling along the Canal du Midi or spending time in one of the wonderful restaurants serving up delicious local dishes such as cassoulet or confit duck served with tasty sides like gratin dauphinois potatoes. Or why not take part in some exciting nightlife activities around Rue Gambetta?