Discover Kemi

20.5 thousand

Kemi is a small city located in the northern part of Finland, on the Gulf of Bothnia. It is an area renowned for its beautiful landscape and stunning views, with numerous forests and nature reserves in the vicinity. The city centre consists of quaint shops, restaurants, and galleries that offer a taste of traditional Finnish culture.

For outdoor activities, visitors can explore the Kemi River Valley or join a boat tour that navigates through frozen sea channels in wintertime. In summertime there are plenty opportunities to go fishing as well as hiking on top of nearby hills and mountains. There's also an annual ice-breaker cruise which sets sail from Kemi harbour to explore some amazing marine life beneath the icy waters.

Other unique attractions include Kemi Snow Castle which gets rebuilt each year out of snow and ice blocks; Sampo Icebreaker Museum where you can visit old vessels used for Arctic voyages; Tornio River Delta Nature Reserve with plenty birdwatching opportunities; and Kierikkikeskus where you can learn about Sami culture through exhibitions, performances, crafts workshops etc.