Visit Piauí

Piaui is a Brazilian state located in the northeast region of the country. It is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, Maranhao and Ceara to the north, Pernambuco to the south, Bahia to the west and Tocantins to the east. It is known for its beautiful beaches, rich colonial history and diverse culture.

A must-visit destination for tourists in Piaui is Jericoacoara National Park; a scenic beach paradise with crystalline waters and white sand dunes that offers spectacular views. Another popular tourist spot in Piaui is Teresina, the capital city which offers attractions such as historical monuments and museums.

An interesting historical fact about this state is that it was once part of Maranhao until 1799 when it became a separate province under Portuguese rule. During this period of time Piaui experienced economic growth with its production of sugar cane being exported to other parts of Brazil and Europe.