Discover Achacachi

Achacachi is a small city located in the northern province of La Paz in Bolivia. Situated at an altitude of 3,730 meters above sea level, Achacachi is a great place to explore the beauty of the Bolivian highlands. With its cobblestone streets lined with colorful adobe buildings and stunning views of Lake Titicaca, this vibrant city will leave you in awe.

The main attraction of Achacachi is its beautiful colonial church, Iglesia de la Merced. Built in 1686 by Spanish conquistadors and still standing today, the impressive architecture serves as a reminder of past times gone by. The Plaza Mayor is another must-see spot for visitors to Achacachi; it's where locals come together to buy and sell goods every Sunday morning.

Achacachi also offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities such as trekking around nearby mountains or horseback riding along rural paths through villages and countryside landscapes. For those looking for some adventure while they're here, take an excursion on El Choro trail -a spectacular day hike that takes you along a picturesque mountain ridge surrounded by lush cloud forest and breathtaking panoramas!